Fossils of the Karwendel

Petrified treasures from the Triassic age

unidentified fossil - do you have any ideas what that could be? At first glance it looks like an ammonite.

the different species living in the tehtys during the triassic time in the Tethys. Shark, Nothosaurier, saurichthys, octopus, plesiosaurs, coelacanth, shellfish, arthropod

Life in the Tehtys during the Age of Trias

Some of the Animals from the tirassc time

The Karwendel

Species found in the Karwendel

Triassic marine animals

  1. the nothosaur could move in water and on land.

  2. (The Saurichthys was a predatory fish from the rayfin family
  3.  An early form of the plesiosaur could be detected on the basis of a finger bone in the Karwendel.

Detailed fossils from ichthyol / stone oil

230 million year old fossils almost perfectly preserved and raw material for cosmetics
Fish in Ichthyol

Petrified fish from the Ichthyol / stone oil

fish Part 1

pertified fish from Seefeld

Petrified fish from the Ichthyol / stone oil

Fish Part 2

Petrified fish skin

Petrified Fish skin

perfectly preserved

Ichthyol Tiroler Steinöl

Tiroler Steinöl

Wellness Fitness Sport

raibler layer


Raibler Sandstein Schichten

Graphic of the evolution of life over the past 600 million years. In this graphic you can also see the most important geological events, the change in the length of the day, the temperatures and the composition of the atmosphere
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The worlds evolution

which living being lived at which time