The Karwendel Mountains

The Karwendel Mountains
The Karwendel Mountains are part of the northern Limestone Alps and lie on Bavarian and Tyrolean grounds. It consists of Wetterstein limestone and dolomite which was partly unfolded up to 1000m high rock walls. The enormous expansion of the mountains results in an east-west expansion of 45km and a north-south expansion of 30km. The highest peak is the Birkkarspitze with a height of 2749m. Since the alpine pastures in the area are only inhabited in summer, the Karwendel is the largest uninhabited area in Europe

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The Karwendel is a very popular travel and holiday destination in the Alps

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The history and education development association was founded to preserve and promote the history of the region across borders

Map of the Karwendel

Übersichtskarte des Karwendel